Other Adhesives & Industrial Products


Paper Bag Adhesives

  • P/1/5
    For Bottom pasting on high speed automatic paper bag manufacturing machines.
  • SSA-1
    For Side Seaming / Tubing applications on high speed automatic paper bag manufacturing machines.
  • K-45
    Cold water redispersible adhesive. Multipurpose – can be used for bottoming, side pasting and cross pasting depending on its dilution.
  • P/1/8
    General purpose adhesive for manual applications for bonding paper to paper, paper to paper board etc. Also suitable for manual paper bag manufacturing.
  • P/1/10
    Suitable for bonding kraft paper bags, fibre drums and similar applications.

Paper To Paper Adhesives

Stationery Glue

Paper To Foil Lamination


SURFACTANT INDUSTRIES, has developed a unique water based polymer binder which has been successully used for Briquetting of Coal fines. Coal, a fossil fuel which is one of the primary source of energy for many industries has been facing a lot of shortage. Moreover, to add to the woes, the coal used always has a very high percentage of fines, which are in most cases unused or sold at much lower costs than the actual coal. So, the coal fines that are generated, if not properly dealt with add to the costs as well as become a point of environmental concern. So, to address this major issue of Coal fines, we have been successful in developing a Polymeric Binder which can bind the coal fines in the Briquetting process and also not cause any damage/depositions in the furnaces where it will be consumed. Briquetting/Compaction of Coal Fines is a very good answer for this ever increasing problem of Coal availability. For further information,
Email us with your requirement lohiyas@gmail.com


Surfactant Industries manufactures a range of Emulsion Polymers based on Polyvinyl Acetate Homo and Copolymers for the Textile Industries. The same are widely used in Woven and Non-woven industries for finishing, printing, flocking etc. We have a range of Textiles emulsions :
  • Unplasticised PVAc emulsion for use as finishing agent
  • Externally Plasticised PVAc Homopolymer for imparting SOFT HANDLE in Textile finishing
  • Polyvinyl Acetate(PVAc) Copolymer for imparting BODY and Soft Handle
  • New Generation Crosslinked Emulsion for Imparting BODY and STIFFNESS.


We have a range of tailormade Liquid Silicate Adhesives for bonding ALUMINUM FOIL to PAPER for high speed machinery. Product for lamination of Copper to Walls, Plywood to Steel or soft metals is also available The products can be customized keeping in mind your requirement for setting speed, viscosity, bonding strength etc.



Also Complying to European norms EN204/205 D3 Stds.


  • Finger Jointing
  • Hot Presses
  • Post Forming
  • Cold Presses
  • Modular Furniture

Grade 65.9

A Unique Wood Adhesive for very cold conditions (even can be used for subzero temperatures)


  • Useful for wood bonding in winters.
  • Sports goods mfg.
  • Solid wood bonding

Grade 703

Multipurpose Wood Working Adhesive


  • Higher Coverage
  • Fast Setting
  • Suitable for Hot/Cold Presses
  • Higher Bonding Strength

HDF Door Skin Adhesives

We are manufacturing a specialised white glue which is very much suitable for bonding of HDF Door Skins for manufacturing of Doors.