Why Surfactant Industries

Surfactant Industries, today commands leadership in the field of Manufacturing of Wood Adhesives for both industrial and household applications. With German Know-How, we were the pioneers to develop the very unique D3 Wood Adhesive – Stärke, a water resistant wood glue, which at that moment was manufactured by only a select companies in the world.

Our Values

High Ethical Standards

A zero tolerance to unethical dealings mandates that all legal and company laws, rules & regulations, policies are scrupulously adhered to.

Fairness & Transparency

All information, communication and expectations are openly and honestly shared at all levels. This creates mutual trust and respect.

Empathy & Respect

Be sensitive to, and listen and learn from people across all levels. Respect time and opinions. Reprimand actions, not people. Empathy & Respect

Grow with Us

Use the company’s resources wisely. Contribute to its growth as if it is your own. Focus on long term goals rather than short term one.

Surfactant Industries, is a part of Lohiya Group of Industries, which was founded in 1950. We first entered into Ultramarine and Detergents Business at that time. Since then, we have been working towards continuous development and expertise in the field of Cleaners, Detergents, Adhesives, and Ultramarine Blue Pigments and a range of other specialty Household and Industrial products.