Private Label Manufacturing


Private Label Manufacturing means we can manufacture desired products for other companies in their own brand and packaging. This way people can get products manufactured through us and can market their own products.

Also, we can offer products in concentrated form which can be diluted to required products. These can be offered in bulk packing. LOHIYA GROUP’s global experience and expertise in the world wide chemical market enables us to offer you “Superior Product Knowledge” and “Know How”.

Our qualified staff is prepared to provide you personal support to help you prosper in today’s competitive world.

If you prefer, we are also equipped to provide you with your own “Turn Key” chemical operations with minimal investment. LOHIYA GROUP has successfully manufactured chemical products for industrial as well as domestic use for over 55 years. However, in today’s fast paced world, we recognize the constant need of innovation and that is the reason we are constantly upgrading and innovating all our products, technologies and services.

Because we recognize that everyone’s need is unique, we has diversified our services to meet this widely differing demand.

A few of LOHIYA GROUP’s chemical products and services are :

  • Customer Private Labels
  • Custom Formulations
  • Exclusive Contracts of your Market
  • Products In Concentrated Form
  • Manufacturing Equipments
  • On site Installation of Plant & Equipme

We are eager to reach out to the world and offer our extensive knowledge of chemical manufacturing to you. We have more than 55 cumulative years of laboratory and industrial experience which enables us to answer your questions and help you realize the ease with which you can produce your own products.

In simple words, LOHIYA GROUP is your formula for success.

For example, LOHIYA GROUP offers manufactured products in Concentrated Form. We ship these products in bulk packages prepared for dilution by our customers. Our clients then re-package and market these products under their own label. Of course, all LOHIYA GROUP brands and products are also available for sale by our customers.

Our skilled personnel can assist you! in satisfying the demand in your market for quality consumer products at very competitive price. The time to ensure a prominent position in the growing consumer industry your selected market is – “Now” and LOHIYA GROUP is prepared to help make your business venture a real success.

Consumer Products Private label

Should you wish to market products under your own private label, we are able to help plan strategic packaging for you? We have access to bottle manufacturers, and all other packaging vendors who can provide you with package styles and design packages that can be tailored to meet the need’s or the specific market you are targeting. Our technical experts are also prepared to respond to your directions for colour, fragrance, viscosity and texture. Should your market require products not currently available in LOHIYA GROUP’s inventory, we will attempt to develop it for you In short LOHIYA GROUP will do everything possible to help you make your private label products a success. LOHIYA GROUP ships many of its products in concentrated forms (Packaged in either plastic or metal drums). The products an ready for dilution upon arrival at your facility. Once properly diluted, the application of the labels will complete the process.

Lohiya Group’s Quality

LOHIYA GROUP’s highly trained and skilled personnel can assist you and your company in developing your brand name products Let us show you how easily you can develop our vision into complete selection of products tailor made for you. Each of our products has been carefully produced with you our customer in mind. Call LOHIYA GROUP today and let us help you expand your reach. To achieve the greatest competitive advantage in your market you may find that buying products in concentrated form is best for you needs. We are ready and able to help you determine such factors. In addition LOHIYA GROUP can offer you assistance in obtaining and installing all equipment necessary to produce consumer products at any location. We are also prepared to advise you on actual plant construction also should that be needed. Quality is the foundation on which we have built our business. Maintaining a high standard of quality for more than 1 half of a century has given us our reputation as a leading manufacture industry today. At LOHIYA GROUP a full time Research and Development staff of experienced chemists devote themselves to producing State of Art fabric-care, furniture products and so many other products.

A large stock of finished products is always kept in hand which is available for immediate shipment upon receipt of order.

When you buy LOHIYA GROUP products, we give you peace of mind by supplying you with best products.